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The ZICIX Savings App

Coming soon to iPhone and Android Devices.

Savings the Easy Way

Save money and find great deals simply and easily.

The ZICIX App Bring Deals and Coupons To Your Fingertips

The ZICIX app is an innovative coupon app inspired by cutting coupons and that finding deals should be easy and fun. Unlike other smartphone apps, the ZICIX app is very easy to use.

The app is a combination of curated coupons as well as coupons found throughout the internet.

The app is coming soon and you will be able to watch the exciting growth here.

ZICIX Features

Innovating Coupons and Deals!

App Screens

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App Is Soon Entering Public Beta Test

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most common questions!

The ZICIX App is a smartphone app that allows users to find deals and save money.
The app is now in a limited beta test, scroll down and apply to sign up to become one of the beta testers as our rollout continues.
Yes, merchants and businesses will be able to sign up and add their own deals and coupons for consumers.
Yes, the app will run on both Apple iOS iPhones and tablets as well as android devices.

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