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We interview you and your facility's users and stakeholders as part of our programming research to learn how you use the space and what your vision and goals are. We take this information and turn it into a physical deliverable that shows you how to get the square footage you need and the best flow for your area. This is starting to take shape as the foundation of our design for your area.

Brand Development

Do you need assistance determining the brand identity of your new venture? Our highly talented graphic designers and creatives will assist you in developing your personality, which will set the tone for your physical structure and property. Our method combines design and architectural knowledge to provide you with an identity that can be used across all communications channels, including the physical environment.

Adaptive Re-Use

We specialize in renovations. Any architect may design blueprints for a new, ground-up construction project, but our specific experience in existing building feasibility assessments and innovative issue solving allows us to think outside the box – and identify possible difficulties early on. We're pleased of our creative approach to transforming an ancient structure into something fresh and interesting.

Detailed Cost Estimating

Budgets are important to us at Product design expert. In fact, one of the first questions we are asked is, "How much will this cost me?" That is why we take pride in providing cost estimating services throughout the entire process to ensure we are designing a space that not only meets your programme but also stays within your budget.

Master Planning

Every project necessitates vision, artistry, and extensive planning. PDE can help you with long-term planning for the future, whether it's a small project or a large, multi-phase development. We consider factors such as the local economy, housing and transportation, nearby facilities, population statistics, and more to help guide decision making and the discovery of opportunities and critical steps.

Project Management

Our objective is to put you at rest throughout the project by handling design scheduling, consultant coordination, and budget management with honesty and precision. We are committed to keeping you informed of the project's progress and notifying you quickly if any difficulties emerge.

Team Work

Product Design Experts is a diverse team of experts that have come together over two decades. We include employees, contractors and consultants that work together to bring your idea to life. It is the diversity of the team that helps us to look at solutions from an 'out of the box' perspective.

Sustainable Design

We believe that sustainability is a major gain for both businesses and individuals. Our approach is aimed toward responsible design that is focused on resource conservation and achieving energy independence - effectively enhancing your bottom line and the community around you.

Historic Preservation

We take history extremely seriously when it comes to historic preservation initiatives. For each project, we devote ourselves to researching and comprehending the history and context, and we always design with local tradition and legacy in mind.

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