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Modern technologies bring product development into the reach of small to medium sized businesses.

Technical development has progressed greatly in the decades that we have been designing and deploying solutions. One of our first customers utilized 8” floppy disks and was a University that had a need for X-Ray machine software. This was obviously well before the Internet and at that time any technical development required direct know how or access to individuals who could find solutions.

Now that the Internet has flourished and every customer holds a smart phone the access to information, especially information of a technical nature is readily available. This means that the bar that was previously very high to access the resources necessary for technical development are much lower.

Machines that were once only available to multi-billion dollar companies are now available to the small company and medium enterprise.

Our firm has ridden that wave of more available technical development throughout the years and has all the resources necessary to bring an idea to life from scratch.

That means as a business, entrepreneur or inventor you can come to us with and idea and we can draft, prototype and deliver a product.

We can assist you with patents, manufacturing plans or even help you with an existing product that perhaps you are having difficulty with.

We have decades of experience developing all scales of products. This allows us to apply the correct project management and tools to each job. We have rigid design processes and peer review phases that insure the highest quality and finest deliverable.