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Our Team

Product Design Experts is a diverse team of experts that have come together over two decades. We include employees, contractors and consultants that work together to bring your idea to life. It is the diversity of the team that helps us to look at solutions from an 'out of the box' perspective. For example when bringing a data-center product to life we don't just include the programmers and electrical engineers, we make sure that we include our experienced data-center managers so that the products that we create don't just meet the needs but exceed them, integrate smoothly and fit a niche that would otherwise be unfilled.

Board of Directors

Includes individuals who have been in the industry for many decades, and have worked for some of the largest firms in the world. They have lead efforts to build products that have shipped tens of thousands of products to nearly every corner of the world. Individually, they have experience across various parts of the Information Technology Field, from Networking to Engineering, and from Development to IT Security.

Engineering Staff

Our engineering staff are some of the most experienced technicians. Some of them have experience solving problems for fortune 50 companies that could not be solved by other engineers. They have also developed antivirus solutions with unique signature detection. Our engineers success comes from years of experience, flexibility, and complete understanding of hardware and software and how they integrate.

Project Management

Product Design Experts puts a special focus on project management. We believe that good planning leads to good execution which in turns leads to on time, quality deliverables. Our motto: Plan, Do, Review. We are always striving to do a little better than we did last time. That's why we are always available to be contacted. Our Success is Your Success.